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Dict can look up the definitions of words that appear on Web pages.

Defining a Selection The first screenshot shows how to look up the definition of a word. First, you select the word, then right-click, then click "Look Up 'Selection'". In this case, we are looking up the definition for the word "totally".

The Definition The second screenshot shows what happens when Dict finds the definition of the selection. In this case, the word "totally" is defined in three databases, so multiple definitions are shown.

Closest Matches The third screenshot shows what happens when Dict fails to define a word, but finds definitions for similar words. In this case, no definition for the word "torpod" could be found, but two similar words, "torpid" and "torpor", do have definitions. You can get the definition of a close match by double-clicking on it.

No Definition Alert The fourth screenshot shows what happens when Dict fails to define a word and no close matches exist for the word. You get a simple JavaScript alert.

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